What is in my Hospital Bag?

Whats in my hospital bag

My plentiful to-do list has included ‘Pack hospital bag’ for a couple of weeks now. I think it is time to actually pull my finger out, pack it and put a line through the task!

How good is that feeling! Putting a line through something on your to do list, especially if it has been there for a while. Oh so good, but I digress…

With baby number one my hospital bag would have been packed a month ago. I guess that comes with the territory. That bag was packed very differently. It included candles, oils and lots of birthing “tools” like birth skill clue cards for the husband (because as if he was going to read the books), and bouncy balls. None of these items actually made it out of my bag because… well, when the time come I was more… WTF IS GOING ON!! STICK YOUR CANDLE…

In saying that I am bringing along one birthing oil but will leave the candles behind.

I am always intrigued with what others pack in their hospital bags so I thought I would share what I have packed in mine.

So here you have it! My packing essentials that are coming along for the ride for the birth of my baby girl:

For me:Hospital bag essentials

  • Black big gal knickers. Old ones or if you don’t have old ones just get an el’cheapo pack.
  • A couple of maternity bras.
  • Maternity pads.
  • Breast pads. I didn’t bother taking these last time and I didn’t need them but I am rolling with a really good offence on the breast-feeding front this time around (seeing last time wasn’t so great) so they may come in handy. More on my breast-feeding offence to come soon.
  • Sarong. I embrace the nudist in me so bringing along an old dark sarong for any required cover ups during the lead up and aftermath of the birth.
  • Perfect Potion Full Bloom Birthing Oil. I was put onto this by Mother Down Under and will actually begin using it once I hit 38 weeks and I get the ok from the Dr/Midwife of course.
  • SRC Recovery Shorts. I was lucky enough to be given these shorts from a close friend. I have heard really good things about them. They are supposed to help reduce any pain and increase pelvic and back support plus provide compression to areas that may need it most.
  • Clothes to wear around the hospital. I have thrown in a maternity dress that I can just pop on if needed and also some loose pj pants and maternity singlet.
  • Thongs or slippers. You don’t want to be walking around barefoot because you only had fancy pants shoes on when you arrived in a hurry!
  • Clothes to go home in. When you walk out into the big wide world again, with your new baby in your arms, you want something comfy but makes you feel a bit nicer then what you were wearing around the hospital. I have popped in my bag some long soft pants and a black maternity singlet.
  • iPod and headphones. Music is my therapy.
  • Phone charger.
  • Heat pack.
  • Birth plan notes. This time around I have three things that I am requesting as part of my “birth plan”. More a wish list that I can just hand over to the midwife when I arrive.
  • Hospital card, medicare card and other things that you might need to provide the hospital. I have to bring along some spreadsheets where I have been monitoring my weight as part of a study. So things like that.
  • My wet pack. Last time all I wanted to do was wash my hair after the labour because it was just frizz. That never happened with all the commotion of a most inopportune haemorrhage. This time around here is what I have put in my wet pack:
    • Toothbrush and paste
    • Hairbrush
    • Moisturiser for face and body (I probably won’t use it but I hate wanting to moisturise and I don’t have anything)
    • Lansinoh Nipple Cream
    • Hair elastics
    • Dry shampoo
    • Face cleansing wipes and body wipes
  • A couple of plastic bags. These can come in handy to take anything that is a little icky home if you don’t want to dump it.

For her:

  • Newborn nappies.
  • Baby wipes.
  • A swaddle/wrap. The hospital normal provides this but I like to pack one just in case. They are very handy for everything from breast-feeding to sun protection.
  • A couple of 0000 onsies.
  • A couple of singlets.
  • Something super cute for her to wear when it is time to leave the hospital. No headbands!

I am sure there will be something I have to ask my husband to bring back in for me when the time comes but so be it.

Oh, there is also one note for my husband in my bag, it is my order for the local italian joint just down the road. Gestational Diabetes will be over, time for some god damn pasta!!

What essentials do you take with you when heading into hospital (for a baby or not)? Do you take a book or magazine? Should I pack a towel? I can’t remember. 

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  1. Nice work lady! My number one thing to pack in my hospital bag was my ghd. Not kidding. I have my priorities in order. Also, have you ever used a TENS machine before? I SWEAR by them. I got through labour and birth with Pops with only the TENS machine- excellent to pack in your hospy bag. Or just wear with you as you scream obscenities whilst being driven to hospital. Not long to go now!! Super excited for you!! xx

  2. Wow!! Not long to go!!!! So exciting!!! I love that you’re so super dooper organised! The only thing I was worried second time round was DRUGS!! I sucked on that gas a little too much with first baby and in a deep gas induced voice complained “This shit isn’t working” I noted the midwife whisper to my husband “I think she’s had enough!” Hehe! Can’t wait to hear about your exciting arrival xx

  3. Great post, this will handy for me Karin in April. You must be over this heat!
    My first pregnancy I wasn’t as organised as baby arrived earlier than expected. I had a half packed hospital bag with just baby stuff, nothing for me so I had orders on my soldiers to go and collect my stuff. Second time will be a little different..

    Can’t wait to see pics of your adorable girl.

  4. My hospital bag was very different the second time around. First time was my usual minimal self because I was going to “go with the flow” and all that jazz, but it all went to shit so I was determined to try and have a better experience the next time around. I’d studied Juju Sundins Active Birth and I took all kinds of crap. Stress balls, essential oils, music, massage crap, pictures for visualisation. That labour was another torrid induction but I kicked it’s ass. All that crap really helped. LOL.

    • I love Juju and yep, that was all the birth tools and clue card for my husband I was on about. I am going to read that book again because it is really good but I think I studied it so much last time it is still stored somewhere in my brain. Coffee plungers and Africa! 🙂

  5. Ive packed the labour bag 4 times now. The last time I was not prepared at all because she came 3 weeks early so that was a rush job. I think you have it all covered except SNACKS!! Nuts, dried fruit & crackers is what I took. Not to eat during labour but for afterwards incase the meal they give you is shit.

    I also always take dummies. I know not everyone is a fan but I am & so were 3/4 babies.

    Exciting times x

  6. How exciting! The time is nigh! I would have no idea what to pack in a hospital bag, sounds like you have everything covered. When I was in hospital, I found it handy to have an eye mask so that when I was tired I could catch up on some quality zzzs even when the lights were on!

  7. A sarong is SUCH a great idea! Perfect for those early breastfeeding days.
    And I am currently ensconced in my compression belt…definitely helping but so very, very hot!
    Best of luck to you!
    Such an exciting time!

    • Thanks Caitlin. I bet it is hot! I was actually reading the SRC shorts website the other day and it was saying how breathable the fabric is… I was thinking let’s see how breathable it is in Brisbane in February! 🙂

  8. I’m with Sasha, my GHD was always high on the list!! Would you believe I’ve never packed my own hospital bag thanks to naughty boys who like to arrive early! With our youngest I did put a few things in a bag when I reached 28 weeks – my big high waisted granny knickers, maternity pads, and my recovery shorts (those things are AMAZING by the way!) were the first things in there! My must have’s also include maternity singlets, a couple of magazines, my diary, movical & peppermint essence (to help get things moving again!) and aden and anais wraps – we used these with both the boys and they are the BEST wraps ever! Good luck xx